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Once Bitten, Twice...I grab for my favorite essential oil blend!

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Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito and have it welt up to the size of a small pancake and then spend the next week trying to reduce the itch? Or work on a car stereo and dangle your foot out the car door, unbeknownst to you feeding the entire population of mosquitoes for the block you live on? I have, and I will tell you, after experiences like that, I am so grateful to have essential oils to use for a natural repellent. 

Not only a nuisance, did you know that mosquitoes can pose a serious health threat to people? Diseases like Zika and West Nile viruses can be spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito. The best way to protect against mosquito-borne disease is to prevent mosquito bites. After the wet seasons we have had, the health districts in our area are urging people to protect themselves from mosquitoes.  

TerraShield is one of my family’s favorite blends for the summer. When we spend time outside, we want protection from outdoor threats for ourselves and our sweet chocolate lab, Sadie. This summer has already proven to be mosquito filled and we had a tick incident when we first started venturing outdoors after the snow melt. This blend is the magic that wards off any insects that want to join our summer festivities and is safe for everyone in your family, including pets. It can even help your garden flourish by giving it a protective barrier.

TerraShield has recently been updated to include Tamanu oil which not only provides extra benefits for your use but is positively impacting families in Madagascar through dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing. This blend can be diffused (diffusers are available for sale here) or applied topically using the TerraShield Spray to provide a defense against the annoyances encountered during outdoor activities, so you experience nature, instead of avoiding it. Learn more about this blend by clicking here or click here to read more about the spray. 

If you would like to order TerraShield, learn more about Essential Oils, get some free recipes and DIY tips, or open a wholesale account, you can visit my dōTERRA store here.

How have you used it to keep your family protected?

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